Herzlich Willkommen - In der Pfeffermühle in Schleiz! 


about our house

the "Pfeffermühle" pepper mill in Schleiz can tell a long story:

  • 1647 use as a powder mill (damaged in the Thirty Years' War) 
  • 1686-1760 in operation again 
  • 1736 extension (capstone secured with date at the renovation) 
  • 1760 use as a pepper mill, later Walkmühle and Walzquetschmühle
  • 1860 Reconstruction and use as a spa with guest rooms under the name "Bad zu Schleiz" by the "Weise Frau von Schleiz" Frau Graf
  • around 1910 conversion and extension around a storey and use as metal goods factory by Eduard Walther 
  • 1947 expropriation of the company Walther into the Blewa Schleiz VEB and their relocation
  • 1947 use as a residential and commercial building 
  • 2014-2016 reconstruction and new construction for use as a barrier-free guesthouse with catering
  • 2016 Business opening under the name "Pfeffermühle Pension und Gastronomie"